Case Study - Chapel Riverside, Southampton

Expected gross development value of over

£100 million

Up to 450

residential units

Working with a local authority as a development partner

Chapel Riverside is strategically important to Inland Homes as it is the first site on which we are working with a local authority as a development partner. This development is one of Southampton City Council's major regeneration sites across the city. The opportunity to bid for the Chapel Riverside site resulted from the relationship we built with Southampton City Council through the Meridian Waterside project. We were able to demonstrate our creative approach and expertise and show that we would make a reliable, trustworthy development partner. We signed a development agreement for Chapel Riverside in October 2015 and expect to secure planning permission within the next year. It will be a mixed use development comprising up to 450 residential units and marine-based commercial space with an expected gross development value of over £100 million.

A number of challenges have arisen on this project that we have worked in collaboration with Southampton City Council to solve. The previous use for this site was as the council's waste and recycling centre. A legacy from this is the presence of a large storm water settlement tank in the middle of the site. We are working closely with Southern Water and the council to come up with a solution for its removal which will unlock the ability for us to develop the site more readily.

We undertake careful consideration of the requirements of the community when planning developments and this project is no exception. A number of benefits will be delivered to the community on completion. Currently the area fronting the River Itchen is all in private ownership however the waterfront will become accessible to the general public through the inclusion of a riverside walkway and parks in our development. Additionally, we will build 300 metres of river flood defences.

The work on this project has strengthened our relationship with Southampton City Council by demonstrating our creative approach to solving issues and our commitment to creating developments that both serve the needs of future residents and the wider community. We believe that this will lead to further opportunities with Southampton City Council and potentially also with other local authorities across the country.

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