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KPIStrategic focusPerformanceChart
RevenueRevenue from housebuilding activities is expected to increase significantly and this will be supplemented by land sales.During the year the number of completions of private homes decreased due to a bulk sale of 59 units in the prior year and the failure of a contractor caused the delay of 23 units.
Profit before taxThe Board's expectation is to continue to build on the recurring profitability achieved over the last two years and will seek to secure this by the planned expansion of housebuilding and the sale of consented building plots.Demand for consented land was once again strong during the year and this resulted in several highly profitable land sales, however the failure of a contractor has impacted on profitability, as disclosed elsewhere.
Adjusted EPRA net asset value per shareThe value added to the land bank by the planning process will continue to be the Group's key focus. Further value will be extracted from the land bank through housebuilding. Details can be found in the Chairman's Statement.Robust recurring profits and a revaluation of investment properties have caused a significant increase in net asset value per share. The use of the adjusted EPRA net asset value measurement exposes how much 'hidden' value is held within inventories.
Dividend per shareIt is the Group's intention to progressively increase the dividend annually as profits rise.The Group paid an interim dividend of 0.4p per share in May 2016 and has proposed a final dividend of 0.9p per share payable in January 2017.
Basic earnings per shareThe increase in profitability mentioned above will have a proportional impact on earnings per share which should continue to improve.This has been strong during the year due to the revaluation of investment properties. 8.9p per share relates to the revaluation of the 86 existing houses at Wilton Park, Beaconsfield.
Net gearing‡The Group is keen to maintain gearing at a reasonable level, taking into account the net asset value.Net gearing has increased from 39.2% to 47.0% in line with management's expectations as a result of the increase in inventories and investments in joint ventures.
KPIStrategic focusPerformanceChart
Number of plots with or without planning consentThe Group's target is to have a land bank of approximately 10,000 residential plots in the medium term.The land bank now stands at a record level of 6,681 plots, including 1,163 plots with planning permission or resolution to grant planning permission.
  • Without planning
  • With planning
  • Without planning
  • With planning
Total residential plots soldThe Group's objective is to sell consented plots that are unlikely to be developed by Inland Homes to realise profits and to raise working capital.There was a strong demand for consented plots from housebuilders during the year so a substantial number of plots were sold.
Residential home salesThe Group expects to sell a larger number of residential units in the year to June 2017 and the plan is to increase this target over the medium term to approximately 500 units.The Group sold 147 private residential units during the year, which was well below the previous year. This was due to a bulk sale of 59 units in the prior year and the impact of a failed contractor.
Planning permissions gained during the yearThe core activity of the Group is to acquire sites without planning consent and to secure consent on the majority of them within two years from purchase.The Group gained planning permission or a resolution to grant planning permission on 544 plots since the publication of the last annual report.
Average number of employeesThe average number of employees to rise only modestly as the volume of housebuilding increases.Due to the increase in housebuilding activities the average number of employees increased during the year.

* Due to the introduction of IFRS 10 the Group has consolidated the results of DGVL for the years ending 30 June 2016, 2015 and 2014. Prior years were accounted for under IAS 27 and SIC 12 and these standards did not require the consolidation of DGVL.

† The Group adopted the performance measures of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) from December 2015, therefore prior year comparatives consist of net asset value only, without the uplift of the underlying asset value. Further details on the EPRA net asset value can be found in the Chairman's Statement.

‡ Net gearing is defined as loans and accrued ZDP liability less cash as a proportion of net asset value.

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